Monday, May 30, 2011

Monsignor Ansbro Celebrates 60 years of Priesthood

Monsignor Francis Ansbro, drawing on deep reserves of strength, showed a vigor that surprised even himself.    On Sunday, May 22, 2011 Assumption Parishioners and many others from far and wide gathered for the 12 noon Mass at Assumption and later went down to Father Wilson Hall for food and fellowship.  It's incalculable how many people this holy man has touched through his kindness and goodness.  The Peekskill Patch's Laura Belfiore wrote well about the even here.   May Peekskill continue to draw grace from Monsignor's prayers and words.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Phenomenal Holy Week at Assumption

Congratulations to the Assumption Parish Community for a beautiful celebration of Holy Week! From Sacristans - Maria Agudelo and Norberto Bautista  –  and in a special way Mr. Andres Vega for the purple veils that covered the holy images in the church to a million other things.

The Assumption Garden Committee (along with Mary Wisker) for the wonderful work, to make our sanctuary look gorgeous.

To Mary Mancini and Mario Tacca and Donna Sticco and Barbara Benvenga, the Adult and Childrens Choir and our Spanish Choir who all made a beautiful sound for the Lord. . .  to our Altar Servers and Lectors and Ushers.

For all RCIA Participants and their parents and Families as well as the RCIA Team headed up by Mrs. Cathy Biscoff and her wonderful team of helpers.  To our incredible Rectory and Cemetery Staff.
 for example our professional Receptionists and Maria Bernardo and Carlos Campoverde and those who work with them.

We got great help with confessions helped by the Legionaries of Christ– who along with our own priests heard confessions for over a total of over 35 hours -- our guestimate is that over 500 people received God's mercy in this great Sacrament.

To my Brother priests:
--  Msgr. Ansbro and Father Vernon and Father Anderson who, by their good example, brotherly support and commitment to Assumption parish make them a joy to live with and inspiration because of their hard work.
And to the good and Faithful people of Assumption for your limitless goodness – prayerful presence during Holy Week.

For all of these reasons and a million other, we love you very much.